Wardrobe downsizing

When I was moving to San Diego, I thought it might be a great to make inventory of my wardrobe since I need to pack them anyway.

September 2014 = 143 pieces (59 tops and jackets, 40 bottoms , 15 dresses, 24 athletic outfit, and 5 lounge wears). Here is the break down of each category.

  • Top: 18 Short sleeves t-shirts, 6 Long sleeves t-shirts, 7 Short sleeves blouse, 8 Long sleeves blouse, 7 Jacket, 3 Vest, 7 Knit, 3 Sweat shirts
  • Bottom: 2 Short jeans, 5 Long jeans, 4 Shorts, 5 Long pants, 4 Dress pants, 3 Ankle length pants, 4 Leggings, 3 Skirts, 11 Casual dress, 3 Formal dress, 1 Overalls
  •  Athletic  outfit: 5 Short sleeve t-shirts, 2 Long sleeve t-shirts, 2 Bra tops, 2 Shorts, 5 Ankle length pants, 5 Long pants
  •  Lounge wear: 2 tops, 1 bottom, 2 dresses

I carried all these clothes in my luggage across Pacific Ocean. I actually paid for them and I ended up not wearing half of it for about two years. I spent so much time and money getting each clothes and we had lovely time together. I needed to embrace the fact that all the good things come to an end and I had to make decisive action.

I adopted Konmari method to say goodbye to my beloved clothes. Even though it was in perfectly good condition, I had to let them go if I don’t feel the spark of joy. It was visually amazing to see how much I owned and how much I didn’t need them. I feel literally like a butterfly looking back its larval skin left behind..only mine was 4 instead of 1.


May 2016 = 70 pieces (34 tops jackets, 25 bottoms and dresses, and 11 shoes) I downsized to 49% of what I had. Now, I only have clothes that I actually wear. With this down-sized wardrobe, I can see my taste so clearly. I like dark skinny jeans, solid color t-shirts, wrinkle-free blouses, grey and black sweat shirts (extremely simple style). These well-worn clothes fit my body so comfortably make me feel so right, so me. Most of fashionable, trendy clothes are so uncomfortable and it doesn’t fit into my lifestyle. If I wear a white t-shirt with jeans for a week, no one would really notice that anyway.

How come it took over so much of my life? It is not surprising considering the entire process that each clothing piece requires. It is not a dress. It takes me getting inspired or desiring one, shopping offline, browsing online, washing and drying, folding, hanging, keeping, throwing or donating away, wearing, and even writing about it.

Where do I go from here? Capsule wardrobe project means building thoughtful, intentional, and useful wardrobe by limiting to 37 items. I like the idea but I don’t want to be tied to another rule that could possibly stresses me out. I just want to minimize the impact that clothes have in my life so that I can focus on better things in life.

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