Research Interest

My research focuses on intersections between gender inequities, related violence, and women’s risk for HIV utilizing implementation science approach. I am also interested in measuring interplay of multiple health behaviors related to violence and HIV. I aim to design, implement, and evaluate evidence-based intervention strategies to inform future programmatic and policy related to HIV and violence prevention. I endeavor to promote gender equity and strengthen women’s right through my research. 

My research interests include: Gender Equity and Health, Gender Based Violence and Prevention, HIV Care Continuum, Multiple Health Behavior Change, Implementation and Dissemination Science.

Possible areas for dissertation research

Chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like cardiovascular diseases, injuries, and mental disorders are becoming major public health concerns. Comorbidities and coinfections are common among people living with HIV but many existing programs and services only address services related to HIV. I am interested in identifying effective strategies to develop an integrative HIV-NCD care service and the possibility of adapting HIV care and treatment programs for developing comprehensive HIV-NCD services in resource poor settings. 

Sexual violence and intimate partner violence are pervasive problems on college/university campuses across the United States. I am interested in examining the interplay of individual, interpersonal, and structural (cultural, community, and institutional) factors that shape sexual health, intimate relationships and sexual and interpersonal abuse and victimization among students. I aim to identify factors that can be effectively modifiable with innovative public health interventions and strategies for each campus population (e.g., freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, transfer, international, and LGBTQ undergraduate students, graduate students, professional school students).

My future career plan

After gaining my master’s degree in public health, I’ve worked about 7 years in the field of global health research and program management. Public health approach is deeply aligned with my personal belief in health equity for all and I am committed to become an independent investigator who can design and lead innovative research projects to solve issues related to gender based violence and HIV. My goal in the PhD program is solidifying my skills in application of implementation science theories and mixed methods to gender based violence and HIV research. After completing the PhD program, I want to pursue my career to become an independent researcher or a faculty in the field of global health or implementation science.