Managing photo mess

What do I do with tens of thousands of photos that I passionately took over the years? I really have to come up with a solution to this before we reach my baby’s first birthday. I cannot scramble around with numerous photos every year whenever I try to print out an annual family photo album. After trying different tools out there and reading others’ posts and articles, I come with the solution below. It is like a virtuous cycle and there are appropriate tools to utilize in each step.

Take pictures with an iPhone. Delete blurry or bad pictures immediately and mark heart on pictures that you like so that it can be stored in your favorite folder. Set automatic sync with google photos and back up to your computer at least a month. Edit photos using photo editing software or apps and upload to Instagram. Make annual photo album and share photographed cards or souvenirs with family and friends especially for Christmas and new year’s holiday.

Manage iPhoto (offline), Google photo (online)

Edit Photoshop, VSCO, Snapseed

Share Instagram, Facebook, Google plus, Blog

Print Artifact Uprising, Blurb

Misc Tiny prints, Shutterfly

아이폰으로 사진을 찍는다. 흔들리거나 실수로 찍은 사진들은 바로 바로 지우고 마음에 드는 사진들은 하트표시를 해 둔다. 구글포토로 싱크되게 하고 한 달에 한 번은 컴퓨터에도 백업을 해둔다. 수정이 필요한 사진들은 포토 소프트웨어를 이용해 편집하고 인스타그램, 페이스북, 혹은 구글플러스에 올린다. 일 년에 한 번 가족앨범을 만들고 크리스마스나 생일에는 사진이 들어간 카드나 기념품을 만들어 나눈다.